Have you ever had the thought, “I wish my athletic ability in baseball, football, basketball etc would transfer to my golf?”

The drills and exercises in this program build an athletic foundation that enhance your ability to learn golf technique – by improving your grasp of athletic movement as the context for technique.

You will learn principle based movements, grounded in physics, that will make your experience of playing golf more feel based, not thinking based. A simple progression of learning allows you to understand cause and effect in your golf swing and make effective adjustments to control your ball and manage your game.

The most common question people have after a camp is: “how do I keep going on the program when you are gone?” The answer is simple. 8 Athletic Movement Principle Camps are designed to empower you by teaching you a small number of principles. During a camp we teach you how to use these principles to create rules, some are general for everyone, and some may be specific to you and only you. Once you can recognize the principles and create some simple rules for how to use them, you are well on your way to being self sufficient and capable of driving your development forward on your own.

Golf will become a GAME again, played the same way you play any other sport. If you throw a baseball or a football, you look and react. If you hit a ball with a bat or a racket you focus on the ball and where you want to hit it, how you want it to get there. This is exactly how you can play golf – by releasing your athletic ability through movement training. The physical act of throwing or hitting becomes part of your tool box to play your sport. Simplifying your physical skill sets allows your primary focus to be on strategy, scoring and competing.


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