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Green Box Golf Education

Program Title: The Athletic Fundamentals of Golf for Professionals

Brief Program Description:
This program will empower personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, therapists and golf coaches to teach students how to learn golf skills based on a comprehensive understanding and applied knowledge of physics and biomechanics that applies to skill acquisition and improved performance with reduced risk of injury in all parts of their game.

Career Occupation:
Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Doctor, Orthopedic Surgeon, Skill Coach in any sport, Physical Education Teacher.

This program will prepare the student to assess and analyze movement, detect inefficiencies or possible risk for injury, create solutions and continually adapt or innovate a training program or therapy program or surgical intervention based on the unique characteristics of a golfer’s anatomy and movement.

Admission Requirements:
High School Diploma

Learning Objectives:
On completion of this program the student will demonstrate the knowledge and applied skills necessary to deliver a physics based movement assessment for golf. The student will also demonstrate the ability to think critically and solve problems using physics based logic, create solutions for injury prevention and injury reduction, and mitigate the risk of technique related injury syndromes.

Method of Evaluation:
Students will evaluated for their knowledge and their ability to demonstrate practical application of the 8 Athletic Movement Principles in golf. Students will be tested for their ability to understand concepts with written quizzes, and demonstrate their physical skills in practical assessment and teaching scenarios each day of the course.

Completion Requirements:
The student must pass a written exam and a practical test at the end of the course, complete the online course and pass a self-evaluated test

Program Duration:

Option 1
10 hour program over 2 days plus the online course for the Introductory Course

Option 2
40 hour program over 5 days plus the online course for the Interactive Workshop

Homework Hours:
No homework is assigned but students are encouraged to take 30-60 minutes each day of the course and during the online course to review the course content and practice the drills and exercises

Delivery Method:
In class and online

Required Course Materials:
The book, “The Athletic Fundamentals of Golf” – $25.00
3 Medicine Balls – for men: 4,8 and 12 lbs, for women 4,6 and 10 lbs – $120.00
2 Proprietary Training Clubs – $400.00
The online course, “The Athletic Fundamentals of Golf Online” – $50.00

Please wear golf attire and bring clothing for training, please wear non-marking court shoes.

Please call 480-57f0-3933 for information on pricing and available dates for courses.

Performance Optimization and Injury Prevention for Junior Golfers

Kendal Yonomoto’s body of work as a player, coach, author and developer of technologies is focused on science and innovation – making the complex simple with elegant, scalable solutions. Two of his passions are junior development and player longevity. The following represents one of his current projects – a science based approach to solving common issues that apply to all golfers:

Performance Optimization and Injury Prevention for Junior and Developing Golfers

To study the movement of junior golfers as it relates to the development of technical skill in all areas of golf and how it relates to the identification of potential injury syndromes, the mitigation or avoidance of such injury syndromes and the optimization of the development and talent stewardship of golfers from early age through college into adulthood.

Capture the golf swing and movement data of various junior golfers across several age-based cohorts using a 3D motion capture system (body movement) and launch monitor (shot data).
Identify general and specific movement patterns and the characteristics of individual movement signatures that may have relevance to skill acquisition and improved performance and identify movement patterns that may lead to injury syndromes during the developmental stage of a young golfer
Perform the same studies with older golfers. Investigate if the movement patterns show any similarity and identify any injury syndromes that exist or have existed in the past.
Determine if a movement pattern may be seen as causal to future injury syndromes or performance deficits in specific golfer populations

The Technologies:

The 3D Motion Capture System – BTS SportLab

Infrared Video Cameras:
10 Optoelectric infrared video cameras follow the passive marker trajectories positioned on specific points of the body according to protocols that have been validated by th international scientific community.

Video Recording:
2 TVCs for video recording and realtime display of the subjects movement from different viewpoints.

Sensorized Floor:
A sensitized floor of digital triaxial force plates, records the 3 components of ground reaction force, the Center of Pressure coordinates and the torsional moment.

Application Software:
Allows for analysis of all sports to investigate movement, optimize performance, prevent injury and guide rehabilitation programs. Includes a proprietary analysis protocol for golf based on the 8 Athletic Movement Principles from “The Athletic Fundamentals of Golf” written by Kendal Yonomoto.

The Launch Monitor System – Trackman
Dual Radar Technology tracks the club before, during and after impact and the full flight of the ball

We need golfers of all ages for this study. If you would like to participate in this study, please contact Kendal at There is a charge to participate in the study.You will receive: a comprehensive 3D motion assessment, full report of findings, a set of solutions and a follow up session to track changes.

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